Jordan Schmidt is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Associate Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association, movement teacher, and a farmer in the Hudson Valley, New York.  She has spent a decade working with organic farm systems and is fascinated by the connections between the health of our broader environment and the health of our internal bodies.  She is […]

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Meredith Kinsel-Ziter is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and an Associate Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association.  Meredith’s previous professional background in cardiology, fetal medicine, and research gave her the framework to look at the body as a whole organism, rather than a series of parts.   She grew up in Kentucky & Ohio with family […]

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At Remedy Method, we offer an integrated approach to recovery from chronic conditions.  We aim to change the paradigm of chronic illness from one of brokenness, to one of symbiosis- our bodies as adaptive organisms responding to shifting environments.  

Our therapeutic method is based on the idea that all chronic conditions are a result of the body’s healing systems becoming overwhelmed by various factors {microbes, viruses, parasites, trauma or other stressors, environmental factors, movement/alignment abnormalities, etc.}, and further that all can be managed by supporting the various foundational needs of our healing systems.  We view symptoms simply as a language- and sometimes a necessary part of the healing process.  With this paradigm as our guide, we create pathways to wellness that align with the natural rhythms of the earth and all forms of life.  Our aim is to be a respite for those with chronic conditions- to provide a single point of care where the vast needs of a person’s experience can be addressed.  

Remedy Method offers a progressive therapeutic approach, beginning with simple concepts that are built upon over time- all of which reflect the diverse needs of our physical & emotional bodies:

  • Dietary Protocols – Whole food, traditional, and therapeutic, addressing allergens & other factors {such as FODMAP, histamine, and salicylate intolerance}
  • Supplement Protocols – Methylation & cofactor deficiencies
  • Herbal Protocols
  • Functional movement & somatic work
  • Mindfulness & life balance work
  • Nutrigenomics {the study of how our genetics may affect our dietary needs}
  • Microbiome imbalances
  • Environmental exposures – Such as mold & heavy metal toxicities

As a part of the evaluation process, it is our hope that you will feel more listened to and attended to than in any other health assessment you’ve experienced.  No stone shall remain unturned.  No detail is unimportant.  The goal of Nutritional Therapy is to help you attune to and understand your own body, and further – to empower you to meet its needs with an educated toolset.  The journey to recover your health and balance may be a short one, or it could require some patience.  Your Nutritional Therapist will be your guide & advocate until you feel resourced and ready to travel on your own.

Remedy Method is a multi-state organization that has the capability of working with clients both locally {in the Hudson Valley of New York & in the Burlington, Vermont areas} and remotely with equal degrees of success.  We believe that healing should be available to anyone who chooses it.  In order to deliver this opportunity to clients with diverse income levels, we are in the process of offering multiple tiers to fit any array of financial needs – and offer flexible payment plans to fit most budgets.  

We dedicate Remedy Method to honor what beautiful and complex creatures we are… yet also what simple and predictable creatures we are.  The human bodies is an orchestra, performing Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor.  It is awash in cascades of intricate harmonies, but is still vulnerable to the violin string breaking, oboe reed malfunctioning, the bassoon player showing up drunk.  We have always been and will always be no greater than the sum of our parts.

A diagnosis is not a death sentence.

Life is a journey.  Never stop seeking.